Choosing a Christmas colour scheme

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Choosing a Christmas Colour Scheme

Whether you’re stuck for ideas or looking to add a little flair to the ones you already have, here are 5 Christmas colour schemes to consider for this festive season.

It used to be that red, white and gold were the only styling options when it came to decorating your home for Christmas, but these days, almost anything goes!

1. Rich Teal

Relatively new on the scene, teal is a beautiful option for a splash of opulence. Not quite as bold or overstated as emerald green, it still has a jewel-like quality that helps to bring a little life into the room. It pairs with silver, gold or bronze and suits warm white or cool fairy light bulbs.

2. Coastal Creams

The coastal theme is perfect for those that live in a relaxed, beachy part of Australia, and don’t want to commit too heavily to a dedicated colour scheme.

With this scheme, you can dress your home up as much or as little as you like, and add to this the recent trend for Nordic-style interiors where all-white, pared-back Christmas interiors are celebrated, which always feel closer to contemporary, minimal design.

You might also consider pairing white decorations with glass ones, along with an abundance of fairy lights and candles to up the ante on the contemporary side to its character.

3. Gold & Red

Ahh, the classic Christmas theme! If you choose to go classic, it’s important to keep in mind that gold and red are most successful in homes that aren’t contemporary. They shine against period details, traditional furniture, majestic townhouse heights, and even beam-laden barn conversions and country retreats.

With this theme, it’s easy to lose yourself in decorations, but vases filled with clusters of berries, tall candelabras and even cutlery and napkin rings are all festive decorating ideas deserving of your festive palette.

4. Sparkling Silver

Just as you wouldn’t decorate your living room with the exact same tone of a colour and the exact same texture used everywhere, choosing silver decorations should follow the same line of thought.

Mix bright, glistening silver with a softer, muted silver, silver sequin decorations, woven silver wire or glitter baubles, or those etched in silver sparkle to create a varied and very mesmerising Christmas colour scheme indeed.

5. Scandinavian Minimalism

This theme is one of my favourites, and primarily for how simplistic and easy it is to style in a modern home.

Scandinavian Christmas style is known for its unassuming, pared back aesthetic. Lots of bleached white and natural tones along with felted woodland creature decorations and wooden beads.

Scandinavian Christmas décor is also particularly versatile throughout the year, with it’s charm being its simplicity and nature-focused design which never goes out of style, despite the time of year.