How to add soul to your dining space

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How to add soul to your dining space

If your kitchen is the heart of your house, then your dining room is the soul, and deserves all the love and attention you’re able to give it. Here are 3 ways to get the most from your dining room by maximising on space and layout while creating a soulful haven in your home.

1. Create a personal scene

Your dining table will often be one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home, making it a perfect opportunity for displaying some of your most loved pieces. Use this space to showcase a collection of vases, simple objects, or even a floral arrangement. These elements will help to elevate your dining experience and add a touch of elegance and charm to your dining table.

If you’re not pressed for space, consider a bar table or short shelving to display a liquor collection or some much treasured and loved artwork.

To further create a sense of atmosphere, make sure you take your lighting into consideration. Ensuring your table is well-lit is incredibly important, as there’s not much more challenging than dining in the dark. A pendant light will help to create a clear zone of lighting, as well as adding dimension to your space.

3 tips for adding soul to your dining area

2. Consider Acoustics

When planning your dining space, take into consideration the sound levels from surrounding rooms and areas. When you’re sitting down to a meal, regardless of whether it’s breakfast or dinner, the last thing you might want to hear is noise from a dishwasher or overhead extractor fan.

To combat this, consider using soft furnishings such as cushions, curtains, or a floor rug as an acoustic buffer.

A simple ~ yet underrated ~ way to increase your dining ambiance is to turn the TV off, and instead pop on a relaxing Spotify playlist instead.

3. Plan for comfort

When sitting down to dinner, whether it’s a short meal or a friendly gathering, the last thing you want your family or friends to feel is discomfort. The chairs you choose should be comfortable enough to remain seated in for long periods of time, and the dining table should be a good height for eating once you’re seated.

Take time to choose a dining set that works well together, and don’t shy away from investing in quality pieces. These pieces of furniture are some of the few that we touch and interact with on a daily basis, for many years to come.

A few tips for choosing your chairs:

  • They should be comfortable enough to sit in for hours
  • They should be practical and should work well with your home
  • They should either fit with, or elevate, your current home aesthetic
  • They should be built to last, and withstand many years of use

One of my favourite things to do is to mix and match the chairs that are paired with the dining tables I choose when styling a home, to add a touch of character and personality to a space.