Be Unforgettable: Discover 10 Tips To Style Your Airbnb For Success

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Be Unforgettable: Discover 10 Tips To Style Your Airbnb For Success and Stand Out from the Crowd

Create a captivating and inviting space that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

1. Build around a theme

Depending on where you’re hosting your Airbnb, you may find it naturally leans towards a specific theme. Perhaps you’re close by the beach, in an urban environment in the city, or a quiet country getaway. Embrace it and explore your theme with colours and textures.

If you’re thinking of a bold and dramatic theme, you can’t go past deep tones such as black, emerald green, navy, or a bit of metallic to accent (gold looks amazing and is a favourite of mine!). For a cosier theme, work with soft tones, a palette of neutrals and pastels, and mixes of texture in your materials.

I say work outside the box and make a statement, whatever your theme may be! Incorporate combinations of colour to add some uniqueness to the space – making sure to keep it balanced with complementary colours and by taking a step back every now and then, to ensure the room works together as a whole.

2.Invest in good quality linen – Your guests will love you for it.

When it comes to bedding, you can’t go past high quality linen  – think 1000+ in thread count. I love linen, it’s breathable and soft on your skin – absolute bliss when you’re sliding into bed after a long day of travelling!

To clean your bedding, engage a laundry service to ensure crisp, clean, and ironed sheets; add that extra bit of luxury to your bedroom.

Remember this is something you can add into your overall rate of your AirBnb, and guests will love you for not having to bring their own!

3. Go the extra mile with complimentary touches

As exciting as it can be to travel, we can all agree that it’s also draining on our bodies and minds. Nothing beats turning up to an Airbnb and being pleasantly surprised with a welcome note, gift hamper, bottle of wine (or my fave, champagne) and bathroom amenities like Aesop. It provides an instant up-lift to any jet-lagged guests.

Invest that little bit more into your guests’ five-star stay with you and they won’t forget it, and may even recommend you as a #1 accommodation destination to all of their friends.

4. Splash out on curtains

Here’s a little tip from me to you – if there’s one place you shouldn’t budget on, it’s curtains. There’s nothing worse than trying to fight a 12 hour change in sleep schedule, in an illuminated bedroom, thanks to the bright street lights outside.

Get some good quality blackout drapes to ensure a peaceful, deep sleep for guests. If privacy is a concern, look into purchasing sheer curtains for the living spaces; you can add texture for style points, and keep out prying eyes.

5. Add an instagammable touch with a hero piece or two

If a picture is worth a thousand words, give your guests an opportunity to feature your Airbnb on their Instagram grid by adding a gorgeous hero piece to your space. It could be anything from a piece of art, to a rug, quirky feature or to a unique piece of furniture. Just make sure that it fits in with the tone of your space and it will look divine!

6. Embrace the smaller spaces

If you’re working with a small space for your Airbnb, the first idea is to obviously find the best way to make the space feel larger and more open. But I’ll give you another option – embrace the small space! Add in that cosy feel with a beautifully decorated reading nook, study, or music library.

Try rich colour schemes such as dark eggplant or burgundy to add to the luxury –  creating a gorgeous space your guests will never want to leave!

7. Add unique lighting

Simple lighting is functional but doesn’t add that extra “wow” or luxury to your Airbnb. Look into hanging lights to offer a customised look that brings the room together, and warm lamps for a cosy touch. Don’t forget the bedside table lamps and of course a great light in the bathroom!

Native Florals by Hermetica Flowers Woolloomooloo

8. Bring the outside in with fresh flowers and plants

A great way to add a refreshing vibe to your space is to add in plants and flowers. Gorgeous greenery and pot plants work beautifully, you can try hanging plants or even incorporate a living wall of some kind. Vibrant flowers such as lilies, roses, and peonies are wonderful additions to any room from a style point of view, and a fantastic way to fragrance a room. Who doesn’t love walking into a lovely, clean house, welcomed by a light floral scent? Bliss!

9. Cleanliness is key

Nothing will make your place feel more fresh and welcoming than ensuring it’s given a thorough clean between each stay. To take the pressure off yourself, hire a cleaning service that is dedicated to perfecting the space ready for your next guest.

10. Don’t forget the directory and guest book

Guests love personalised stays, and offering your very own insight into what’s great around the region will be a positive tick for your guests (not to mention incredibly helpful!). Dress up the directory and make it fit the tone of your room, make it enticing to pick up! Include your favourite eateries, workout locations / gyms, local amenities and top local spots.