Where to source artisan homewares & unique pieces Sydney

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Where to source artisan homewares & unique pieces in Sydney

Think beyond the local shopping centre!

Feature image by Samee Lapham

Some of my favourite accessories and art pieces to style with are everyday objects that I’ve collected through my travels. There are also plenty of things you can repurpose into beautiful ornaments too without adding lots of clutter:

  • Books with beautiful covers and spines. Stack them on a side table or inside a bookshelf.
  • Interesting glass jars or bottles. Clean them thoroughly and fill them with shells, driftwood, flowers, leaves – or leave them empty!
  • Posters, photos, metal signs or vintage newspaper pages. Place them in a nice big frame and you have your very own piece of art!
  • Empty interesting wine and spirit bottles can become a treasure, a vase, a decorative piece in your home.
  • I always bring something home from a holiday that has no value to anyone but is special to me. I still have a water bottle from a place I went in Formentera.

Here are some of my favourite places to find treasures in Sydney:

Finders Keepers Markets - Photo by Samee Lapham

1. Local Markets

Genuine artisan markets are a treasure trove! And nothing beats getting to meet the actual markers in person. Here are some you could check out if you’re in Sydney like me:

Catherine Hillier

2. Go direct to your favourite artists

The beauty of discovering a favourite artist or designer at a local market or even through social media, is you now have your very own go-to! Once you have a few artists whose style you love, you can always go to them for whatever you need and know they’ll have something that suits your style. And if they don’t have it? You could even ask if they’re able to create a special commission just for you.

I especially love when I can get to know the artist. Here are some of my favourites to get you started!

Indigo Love Collectors, Huskisson NSW

3. Take a car trip and visit these Sapphire Coast favourites

Indigo Love Collectors

Worth a car trip to Huskisson. This is my personal favourite go-to store for beautiful artisan furniture, textiles, accessories and homewares. Everything they stock is seriously stunning! If you’re ever in Huskisson on the South Coast of New South Wales then you need to see their beautiful shop front. Otherwise, you can also order online, or through me (I’m lucky to be a stockist of this beautiful brand).

Babylon Boutique

Also another for Huskisson is one of my favourite bubs and kids stores, Babylon Boutique. How many gifts I have bought there. I have a thing about supporting local business but when it is easy to do it is even better.

The Collective Beat

This is another store in the area with very unique pieces. If you’re looking for more ideas, definitely check this one out as well. They’ve got stores in Gerringong, Kiama, Huskisson and The Mill Marketplace.

4. Use a buyer

If you’d like the full VIP treatment to source the perfect additions to your home, then there is no better option than to work with an interior designer who can source and secure them for you. I work with my clients to do exactly that, which is how I help them get their hands on stunning pieces that you just can’t buy from the local store.

Want a hand sourcing the perfect pieces for your home? I can help. Get in touch; I’d love to hear from you!