Steal these styling ideas for your terrace home

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Steal these styling ideas for your terrace home

Whether preparing to sell a terrace home, or lucky enough to have bought one, I have some ideas to help you make the most of these fabulous character properties.

Feature image: 71 Gowrie St, Newtown

There’s so much to love about terraces so it’s not hard to see why they’re so highly sought after. But, they do come with a few challenges when it comes to styling them. Think: coordinating with the historical design, making the most of space, and getting enough light (especially for completely undetached homes!).

Here’s some tried and tested ideas to bring out the best in these period charmers.

50 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville

1. Compliment the building style

One of the biggest selling points of terrace homes is their beautiful sense of character, atmosphere and unique touches. These are something you’ll likely want to showcase – not hide or cover over!

Think about using accessories and furniture placements to complement these features rather than distract from them.

Take this Marrickville Victorian Terrace project, for example. Notice the original doors, light fixtures, stained glass windows and mantelpieces? They just don’t make homes like this anymore. If you’re lucky enough to have features like these in your home, make the most of them! Even if you’re into more modern style, you can still mix old and new. I’m a huge fan of doing this.

Expert tip for sellers

Those lusting after a terrace home will typically be looking for the traditional touches that make them so special. Do your best to maintain or restore these special features before photographing and promoting your property so you can really show them off. It might sound obvious, but make sure these features are actually visible and easy to see in your photos too, even if you have to include a few close-ups!

50 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville

2. Open up the space

If you have an outdoor area, this is a huge advantage! Transform it into an extra living space and make use of french doors to connect the outside and inside like one open-plan space.

I loved the clever design of this balcony. It has screening against the railings, so you can keep the space open for a beautiful breeze and spacious feel during warmer weather.

Not only does this help the attached bedroom feel more spacious, but it adds an extra mini living area to hang out in your home (great for parents or roommates who need a retreat). Just add a beautiful comfy chair and a gorgeous floor lamp to turn a wasted space into a cosy reading nook.

Expert tip for sellers

Even if you don’t personally love spending time outside, always dress up outdoor areas with a simple furniture setting and some nice accessories. It will help potential buyers see the full potential of the space!

3. Let there be light!

Okay, I talk about this one a lot, but working with natural light is especially important in terrace homes. They can easily feel dark, dingey and cramped, especially for those that are fully attached to neighbours on each side.

Now, take a look at the before and after of this Centennial Park Terrace home. Can you believe these are pictures of the same room?

We simply added some beautiful furniture, textiles and artwork in neutral colours, and made use of some carefully-placed downlights and pendant lighting. Much better!

Expert tip for sellers

If a space has great natural light, make sure this always comes across in your photos. It’s a huge selling point, especially for smaller homes. A professional photographer will help you nail this! I have some great go-to photographers on my team if you need a recommendation.

50 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville

4. Choose space-saving furniture

As you go through the decluttering of your home, you’ll no doubt come across things you haven’t seen or thought about for years. There’s nothing wrong with reflecting on why you’ve held onto something and recognising if it’s something you still really love enough to hold onto.

Taking stock of what is most important to you in your home and your lifestyle, can be an interesting exercise in self reflection. Asking yourself what your material possessions really mean to you and taking the time to think about whether you need to keep them in your life can help you tap into a better sense of self-awareness.

Newtown Terrace

5. Break it up

Another tip for long and narrow living spaces (hello every terrace home ever) is to break up the room into mini living spaces.

Take this Newtown Terrace project, for example. The living space was extremely long and narrow, so I broke it up into three spaces; a bar with high stools, a cosy couch and a dining area.

This instantly helps the room feel so much more spacious, and you can actually make use of every inch. Stunning and functional.